Rebecca Born, LISW-S, MSW 

The Power of Being

Purpose - Identity - Authority



At the core of unleashing all of who you are are these three concepts:

Purpose - The reason for which you exist.

Identity - Unleashing all of who you are.

Authority - Walking in the power that created identity provides.

Together let's create an alternative to the world you inherited.

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What's the Point?

Posted on 28 May, 2022 at 9:45 Comments comments (10253)

It was as if the breath was stilled in the room. Twice I heard this question this week, “what is the point?” I had to pause as I quieted the same internal question and sat with hurting people. I’ve asked that question more than a few times in my life. It’s a question asked at times of sorrow, confusion and frustration. A legitimate question when we are overwhelmed with the unexpected or challenging turns of life. I’ve asked it when sitting with teenage girls in detention, offering them what little I can. I’ve asked it when my efforts to change a hurt or a system are rendered useless. I’ve even asked it in small things like, what’s the point of this exercise.

As I wrestle with that question I hear the underlying need to experience “meaning.” A core human need is to know that our life has meaning. And we typically measure meaning by visible results that say we have succeeded.

Living a meaningful life is not dependent upon what you accomplish. I suggest to you that living a meaningful life means you “show up.” Independent of results, you show up. You express and live out of who you are. That expression is exactly what God needs and designed you to express. And the richest expression of a meaningful life is seen through connection.

  • The artist who painted the picture that connects to my heart – showed up.
  • The singer who releases his passion in that song that reminds me of hope – showed up.
  • The person who sent me a card saying they thought of me today – showed up.
  • The friend who looked deeply and directly into my eyes – showed up.

All simple connecting expressions that bring meaning to the giver and receiver.

Go show up today! Your life and the connections you make by showing up are the point!


You Aren't Who Others Say you are!

Posted on 21 September, 2019 at 17:35 Comments comments (25008)

Watching a documentary about chronic fatigue syndrome, I heard this statement:

“You can disappear because someone’s telling the wrong story about you.”

Wow – that brought tears to my eyes, sorrow to my heart and confusion to my mind. I have the awesome privilege of being invited into the depths of people’s emotional pain, journeying with them out from under the oppression pain can create.

At the core of my work and belief is that we are created by a loving God with all we need to be the unique representation of Him, so that we can walk in purpose and destiny. Unfortunately, people around us aren’t typically good at recognizing the important aspects of who we are. Our specialness gets overlooked, denied, misnamed or ridiculed. Covered by “story.”

A parent tells a child, “don’t be so sensitive”, when sensitivity is part of God’s nature in him.

A teacher tells a student, “Do it this way, not that way”, when the creative approach of the child is part of God’s nature in him.

A boss tells an employee, “Don’t waste your time day dreaming”, when her visionary aspect is part of God’s nature in her.

And the person begins to disappear. And no one knows they went missing.

Daily I hear the cry of people who have been told, whether verbally or by abuse, and now believe, “You’re difficult to love,” “you’re a waste of my time”, “you don’t measure up.” When those stories are told about you, you become frantic to find the correct way to “be”, and usually deny the important aspects of who you are.

And the person begins to disappear. And no one knows they went missing.

Do you realize there is a battle over you? That the enemy of your soul does not want you to be you! The you that carries a unique representation of God! Because when you reconnect to that identity and walk out what God designed you to do – the enemy loses!


And do you realize that Jesus came not only to remind you of eternity, but to be the way through which you can be restored and reconnected to the authentic you! Jesus does not view you through those appropriated stories placed upon you – but through the beauty of who He knows you to be.

Jesus knows who you are more than you do. He longs to love you into being, because He knows deep inside, “You’re still here.” The you God created is not gone, just covered over by labels and stories. Jesus is waiting for the moment when you allow Him to clean you up, pick you up and set you on the path to you.

Break the Power of a Submerged Identity

Posted on 13 May, 2019 at 11:05 Comments comments (54291)

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the concept of the frog who jumps into a pot of water thinking it is a safe place only to find that he is lulled as the water slowly heats up and he becomes the main course.

The American Church has been that frog. It has sat back, lulled into living out of one expression of the gospel and now finds itself threatened. The Church’s full identity has been submerged. A submerged identity gives its power to that which sent it hiding. Religion with its “acceptable” and defined expression has strangled the church and the power God gave it.

Remember learning to swim and feeling the anxiety connected to going under water? A submerged church (or believer) can’t breathe, can’t see well, can’t find its footing and is moved by the tides.

Break the power of that submerged identity!

The good news is there is still time! The church can awaken now, turn the tide of what has happened while it’s been submerged, gather both heavenly and earthly tribes and bring the full expression of who they are.

This is a Clarion Call! Each created individual has a unique expression of Father God! Each expression needed for this battle! I call you out from under religion, abuse, ridicule and disregard. I call forth and breathe life into the treasure of your authentic God created identity. Don’t minimize what you bring to the table.

You were made to walk on water – not be submerged by it.

Awaken - Arise - Align - Advance

Posted on 12 May, 2019 at 16:40 Comments comments (8576)

AWAKEN - God knew you before you were born. He created you with everything you need to be you. The journey you experience within your family and community may not recognize nor nurture all that God has placed in you. Not to worry! That seed of intent of purpose has the touch of God upon it. Nothing can destroy it. We can overlook it; we can minimize its value; but it does not disappear.

The secret weapon of you is there, waiting for you with Holy Spirit to awaken it and bring it to life. All of who you are is important for the assignment before you. Don’t underestimate any aspect of you. Your sense of humor, your ability to see possibility and the quirky way you approach a project are just what is needed for your assignment.

ARISE – As the divine expression of you is unleashed and developed, you will feel a pull to the assignment for which that attribute was given. Feel the passion and skill intersect. Walk in that direction knowing that you have been set up for success in the endeavor of the King. Arise, allow Holy Spirit to direct and invade your being, and your assignment unfolds.

ALIGN – The supernatural connection between your being and the creator means the purposes, steps and strategy of heaven is at your disposal. This is how “your Kingdom come” works! You are the unique makeup of what God intends to dispense here on earth. You carry answers that our chaotic world needs. No fretting about what to do! Ask, listen, inquire, listen, follow the strategy given and see God’s plans for earth unfold through you.

ADVANCE – You are the secret weapon! You carry the strategy of heaven, not to bring harm, but to bring good. An intentional decision to accomplish purpose means you follow the plan of heaven and walk into your home, your neighborhood, community, city, state or nation and impact the territory. You come in the name of the King and establish righteous rule and order. You advance the Kingdom and occupy and align heaven and earth as God would have it!

Not Judegment, but a Battle

Posted on 13 September, 2017 at 11:10 Comments comments (216063)

I just read a post on another site in reference to the recent hurricanes.  This person was suggesting that they were a judgement from God and that September would be a month of sorrows.  I had to respond!  This is what I think.

I do not believe the hurricanes are a judgement from God.  I don't see Him through that lens.  Neiher do I see the Jeremiah scripture you quoted as one of judgement.

Do I hear it is a September of Sorrows? Yes. However, sorrow because of the impact of war. Sorrow over the impact of the battle we are in for the destiny of our country. This season is one of battle, not condemnation. This season is a time of mercy for the United States. God has released mercy upon us through President Trump. The Presidents actions have stirred the swamp AND the heavens. The result is a backlash from the enemy and it is a call from God for his Remnant People to stand in BATTLE and take AUTHORITY over what the enemy is doing.


The framework through which you read scripture is what you hear. If you are reading scripture through an old structure and mindset of condemnation and not Kingdom authority taking ground, you will miss the battle call.

When I read Jeremiah 10:17-18 I hear it through the current times of war!

17 Gather up your wares from the land,

O inhabitant of the fortress!

18 For thus says the Lord:

“Behold, I will throw out at this time

The inhabitants of the land,

And will distress them,

That they may find it so.”


This is what I hear through the Kingdom Authority framework: As one who is standing in the fortress doing battle, I gather from the land what is mine, those things God has given me authority over as the enemy attempts to hold his ground, God is going to dislodge him. Keep in mind this battle is in the heavenlies and we on earth are experiencing the manifestation of the battle.


Let’s walk in Kingdom authority and take ground!

As a believer and child of the King, you have authority!  Walk in your authentic identity and declare victory!

More of You, Less of Me

Posted on 22 August, 2017 at 15:35 Comments comments (10719)

“More of you and less of me.” I just heard that phrase in a Christian song. Kind of sounds good if you are trying to do the good Christian thing. I no longer try to do the good Christian thing. (Gasp!)

I no longer agree with that phrase. I have made a shift. I now think of that phrase a little differently. I began to wonder why, if I am “fearfully and wonderfully made,” something about me has to disappear. What about me has to become less?

My conclusion: Because I was formed in my mother’s womb by the hand of God, the original idea of me, includes His supernatural touch. Those aspects of who I was created to be are awesome; amazing and fearfully and wonderfully made. What isn’t wonderful are the shifts that happened in my core possibility because of circumstances, assigned labels or things I have adopted about who I am. Those things have to decrease.

The religious church shames you into holy living leading you to think something about you isn’t worthy. I suggest that it would be much more like the heart of Jesus to help you vision what is available in you and through you as you express Kingdom with Jesus.

More of Jesus means that I work in tandem with Him. It means I have done the work of reconnecting to my authentic identity. And when I live from the place of authentic identity, which was created with His purpose, and collaborate with His leading and Presence to guide me, I have achieved, “more of you and less of me.”

I get to “be’ and not “do.” That gives me freedom!

Trump and Purpose

Posted on 12 August, 2017 at 10:25 Comments comments (32931)

No matter what your political views of President Trump, he is a now example of authentic identity accomplishing purpose.Let me explain my thinking.

I am in agreement with those who state that Donald Trump has been appointed by God to disrupt corrupt structures in America. The current  political structures have deep tentacles staked into all areas of our culture.  They have grown strong using fear and they count on individual weaknesses and lack luster voices that accept what happens. We have politicians who are more interested in being re-elected than they care about how their decisions impact the direction of America.

Enter upon the scene a brash, "I don't care what you think" personality that makes most of us gasp.  He challenges, has a thick skin and makes a stand without apologies.  That kind of personality is exactly what is needed to shift things to better align with how God would see our world function.  President Trumps authentic identity and his position of authority is being used to accomplish God's purposes.

It is possible that as I make that statement many of you bristle against the thought that America should be under God's Kingdom rule.  I understand that.  Here's the difference for me: I know God to be a loving, caring God of justice and mercy.  I seldom agree with how He is presented in the mainline church. I totally allign my heart with the desire to live under God's Kingdom rule for I trust His heart more than any other.

I also state my life on the fact that each of us are created with purpose.  Satan knows that.  That is why there is such oppression, violence, religiosity, and corrupt behaviors - to keep you from knowing and living out of purpose designed in your identity!  Satan knows that if you rise up, cast off the false identity assigned to you and walk out of who you are - he is done!

President Trump is living his destiny through his authentic identity and yielding authority!  It is amazing to watch!

Destiny is Purpose Fulfilled

Posted on 10 August, 2017 at 19:25 Comments comments (47283)

Remember the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Did you want to be that fireman, or that nurse? I wanted to be a teacher, mostly because I thought it was the only option for me. I had no concept of authentic identity or the idea that I carried within me a recipe for what I should be.

And then I met victims of childhood sex abuse and discovered through their desire to overcome, the concept of being restored to authentic identity. Each of us has experiences in life that cause us to make adaptations in what we believe about self. These beliefs overshadow the truth of who we were created to be. The victim of sex abuse may believe they are disgusting and disconnect from a sense of value. The person who thinks creatively may disconnect from that attribute believing it gets them in trouble. The person who is curious disconnects from that attribute because people get tired of dealing with it. Yet, all of those characteristics are absolutely part of what makes that person whole. AND those attributes are exactly what are needed to accomplish destiny, or the purpose of one's life.

Your internal blueprint, your authentic identity, holds the key to walking in destiny. The title of the recent bestseller, "The Purpose Driven Life", resounds with the desire we all have: to live a life that has purpose and meaning. It is natural to want to make an impact, to accomplish something that brings a sense of fulfillment. You were designed with purpose in mind. Your authentic identity contains everything you need to do just that.

Unfortunately, often we end up living out of fate. Fate is the path we take that is defined by the circumstances we live. Destiny is the path we take defined by our authentic identity. It takes hard work to override some circumstances. Poverty, neglect and sex abuse are circumstances that can be very challenging to override. Restoration skills, such as recognizing the impact, recognizing your internal strengths, internalizing new truths, and using your power of agreement can absolutely shift you from fate to destiny!

And that means you live a purpose driven life!

No Re-wear for Me!

Posted on 12 October, 2016 at 14:55 Comments comments (15263)

You may or may not know by now that I don't usually think the way other people think. I hear something and it gets my mind thinking in a totally different direction.  I don't often pay much attention to those award shows. The reason? I think movie stars are given more attention and power than they deserve and I grow weary of hearing, "Who are you wearing?" Who cares, really?

Then I heard Gayle King, (CBS) later remark that she had on a "re-wear."

Hmmmm, odd term. Re-wear. In the movie star world you never wear a dress twice. Instead you wear a "designer dress", something made especially for you. It is unique. It has status. It provides recognition. A designer dress is something that makes a statement about who you are.

Okay, here's my leap of thought.

All of us have a "designer dress." It was designed with you in mind. It shows off your best side. It has a purpose. It is beautiful. It is unique. It makes a statement. Provides recognition. Makes an impact. So what is your "designer dress?" It is your authentic identity! Created by Creator God to define you, equip you and propel you into destiny.

Seldom do we wear it. For our designer dress gets covered over by circumstances, actions against us, things we tell ourselves and things others say about us. We walk clothed in a "re-wear."

So, I'm thinking, it's not cool to wear a re-wear. The people who walk in their designer dress get admiration; even awards! That's what I'm talking about! Decided: I'm going to continue to do the work of Restoration - to uncover who I was designed to be!

I'm going to wear my designer dress today! And be on the lookout for my academy award. Maybe someone will even come up to me and ask, "Who are you wearing?"